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breakfastatgracies asked:

Hi russell its grace, (from english) and i saw your post on instagram and i know we havent always seen eye to eye but i really hope youre ok. I know exactly what youre going through, you may not think i do but you know that everyone has a sad side to them. I just wanted to say i really hope youre ok and if you need to talk or anything then just ask. Sorry if ive totally creeped you out! Haha! Night x

Uh hey, I didn’t know you had me on IG. Umm thanks for being there. Everything is fine, I just wish people would consider how others felt and stuff from time to time. Thanks though :3 

Everything is fine now though. Well sort-of.. Haha. And You haven’t creeped me out. That I know! xD 

Thanks :3 x


Anonymous asked:

So, I thought I'd admit to you my feelings. I like you. No, you're not the man of my dreams, but I am definitely attracted to you. You are quite funny, charming, and so frigging nice. No, you aren't perfect, but you are damn near it in my eyes. Sorry if I seem like a major creeper, but I kinda wanted to let you know... well, bye now. and btw, your fandom choices are the best. :)

Aw. Thanks :3











"Anime is for children"

Ok so next time I’m babysitting your kids what should I put on for them? Blue Exorcist or Death Note?


Corpse Party

Kill la Kill

Panty and Stocking

Attack on Titan

Fullmetal Alchemist

Boku No Pico

Black Butler

Puella Magi Madoka Magica

Tropical Kiss? <— They must be a fucking mature child to watch that!