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breakfastatgracies-deactivated2 asked:

Hi russell its grace, (from english) and i saw your post on instagram and i know we havent always seen eye to eye but i really hope youre ok. I know exactly what youre going through, you may not think i do but you know that everyone has a sad side to them. I just wanted to say i really hope youre ok and if you need to talk or anything then just ask. Sorry if ive totally creeped you out! Haha! Night x

Uh hey, I didn’t know you had me on IG. Umm thanks for being there. Everything is fine, I just wish people would consider how others felt and stuff from time to time. Thanks though :3 

Everything is fine now though. Well sort-of.. Haha. And You haven’t creeped me out. That I know! xD 

Thanks :3 x